God’s Priesthood! Why Sodomy???

One of the ” ferocious, antiquated pandemic & barbaric form of perversion within the BODY OF CHRIST is Sodomy ; As a visible ” expression ” from the “ …wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world…” ( Ephesians 6: 12 ), to seemingly dare challenged the authority of Jesus as Our Glorious Lord & Savior […]

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Genuine Motive for Sorrowfulness!

” When He slew some of them, the remainder inquired after Him diligently, and they repented and sincerely sought God for a time. And they earnestly remembered that God was their Rock, and the Most High God their Redeemer. ” – Psalm 78: 34 – 35. Under these rebukes they professed repentance, but they were […]

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Authentic, Valid Followers!

“ He that received seed into the good ground ” – described in note on verse eight, is ” He that heareth the word and understanded or, considered ” – Herein, he differs from the FIRST CLASS of hearers: He understands what he hears, and makes it the matter of his serious and frequent meditation; […]

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An Appealing Gospel!

The apostles did not preach themselves, but Christ; This was the preaching that most offended the priests. But it ought¬† to be constant business of Gospel Ministers, evangelists & teachers to ” preach ” Christ: Christ and Him only; Crucified Christ and Him only; Glorified Christ and nothing beside Him ( is preeminence ), but […]

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The Forging of Souls: Jesus!

Jesus said His words lead to eternal life ( John 6: 63 ). But for us to receive eternal life through his words they must be taken as He intended them to be taken. An esoteric reinterpretation of Scripture that yields another Jesus, and another Gospel – 2 Corinthians 11: 3 – 4 ” But […]

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