The ability to promotion

I n our search for promotion do we acknowledge that there is a journey which is junked with shifting seasons and suddenlies. However, the fashionable concept our “we can do” have received a populist and enthusiastic welcome, up to the extend where  even Christians themselves have lost focus to the fact that, the spiritual maturity is a process where every stage have an evaluation in a form of trial (spiritual warfare). We have to spell it clearly for funny and incredulous people, the target of the trial is not notified and the quality of the test is not cut in the size of the potential candidate to promotion for him to prepare, in other words wrong motives are not acceptable for self timing and personalize prom4otion  ; God’s divine mercy & grace here is going to raise up the humble  and hardworking saints and armed him with the appropriate skills and talents according to his knowledge  and obedience to the WORD. The ability for promotion is a gift from God that is revealed to us as we are living our faith through an intimate relationship with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

To be continued…


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